Manual Antietam and the Maryland and Virginia Campaigns of 1862

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The Civil War’s bloodiest day

This was causing poor morale among the Union army soldiers. Lee divided his Army of Northern Virginia into five smaller armies or columns. This way Jackson could control the Shenandoah Valley.

It is surrounded by high cliffs on three sides making it nearly impossible to defend. Dixon S.

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Miles , Union commander at Harpers Ferry, kept most the troops near the town instead of taking up commanding positions on the surrounding heights. Jackson put artillery on all the heights and bombarded the garrison. Miles decided to surrender the more than 12, men.

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As he debated with his officers over the decision, Miles was struck by a shell that shattered his left leg, a wound that proved fatal. This skirmish took place in Maryland. McClellan 's Army of the Potomac closely behind them. It was a natural formation that separated the Shenandoah and Cumberland Valleys from eastern Maryland. Several battles were fought that day over possession of South Mountain.

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  6. Antietam, Battle of, Md., 1862.

The Confederates were driven back with a large number of casualties. McClellan could have destroyed Lee's army but he waited giving Lee the time to regroup. The Battle of Antietam , also called the Battle of Sharpsburg, was not only the bloodiest day of the American Civil War, it was the single bloodiest day in American history.

Maryland Campaign 1862

Most of the fighting occurred on September 17, between Antietam Creek and the town of Sharpsburg, Maryland. Grant Stonewall Jackson George B. Hood General Robert E. Anteitam battle field on the day of the battle September 16, Sources: U. National Park Service U.

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Battle of Antietam breaks out September 17, 1862

You can also enter a date format, April 19, or September Black Slave Owners Privacy Policy. George B. McClellan was the commander of all the Northern armies.

The Maryland Campaign of 1862

The source and mode of solar energy throughout the universe. Solar energy; its source and mode throughout the universe,. The gleam of bayonets; the battle of Antietam and the Maryland Campaign of ,. The Maryland campaign and the Battle of Antietam. The Maryland campaign and the battle of Antietam.

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