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When Anissa describes her nervousness as they approached the playground that morning, the detective asked what she was most nervous about.

She had never done that before. Pauline and Juliet continued to behave like immature girls, unaware of what was at stake, even after their arrest. A detective on the case quickly seized it as evidence. Once both girls were at the station, sharing a cell, they were placed on suicide watch, but they spent their first night so a police officer would later report gossiping in their bunk beds, unconcerned about their new environment. In a courtroom packed with spectators, Pauline and Juliet were out of sync with the tone of the proceedings. Seated together in the dock, they appeared relaxed and indifferent, often whispering excitedly to each other and smiling.

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After her initial five-hour interview came to an end, Morgan, still without her parents, in clothes and slippers provided by the Waukesha police, was placed in the Washington County jail for juveniles. Anissa was there, too, but they were not allowed to interact. Morgan could have no visitors other than her parents, who were required to sit on the other side of a glass divider; only after a few months into her stay was she permitted to touch or hold them, and even then only twice a month. She continued to have conversations with Slender Man, as well as characters from the Harry Potter series at one point, she claimed that Severus Snape kept her up until 3am ; she saw unicorns; she treated the ants in her cell like pets.

In the autumn of that year, Morgan was moved to the Winnebago Mental Health Institute for a few months of hour observation, to determine if she had a chance of being competent enough to stand trial. There, she was given a psychological evaluation that concluded she had early-onset schizophrenia — very rare for someone so young. By late , Morgan Geyser, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, was still not being treated for it. Her father, Matt, began his lifelong struggle with schizophrenia at 14 years old he receives government assistance due to his illness.

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She had shown no clear warning signs. In January , after 19 months without treatment, Morgan was finally committed to a state mental hospital and put on antipsychotic medication. By spring, her attorney claimed that her hallucinations were receding, and her condition was improving rapidly. But in May of that year, after two years of incarceration, Morgan attempted to cut her arm with a broken pencil, and was placed on suicide watch. Late this September, Morgan accepted a plea bargain, agreeing to be placed in a mental institution indefinitely, thus avoiding the possibility of prison.

Just weeks earlier, Anissa had also accepted a deal, pleading guilty to the lesser charge of attempted second-degree homicide. A jury recommended she be sent to a mental hospital for at least three years. T he joint trial of Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme also hinged on the question of their mental health. Were the girls delusional? Clinically paranoid? Or had they been completely aware of the consequences of their actions and chosen to go ahead with their plan regardless?

The crime was too sensational and the defence too exotic for the jury to be persuaded. They deliberated for a little over two hours before finding the girls guilty. Juliet got the worst of it. She was sent to Mt Eden prison in Auckland, notorious for its infestation of rats and its damp, cold cells particularly bad for an inmate who had recently suffered from TB.


Five months after the crime, Juliet remained unbowed, still immersed in literature and a vision of the great artist she could become. After five and a half years, both were released by order of the executive council, and each was able to start her life again, under an alias. Juliet Hulme, now Anne Perry, moved to England; using the shorthand she learned in prison, she got a job as a secretary.

When she was turned down for a visa her criminal history was hard to overlook , she began working as a steward for an airline that often flew to the US. One day, upon arriving in Los Angeles, she disembarked and never got back on the plane. She rented a lousy apartment, took on odd jobs and wrote regularly. By the time she was in her 30s, she had moved back to England and launched a career as a crime novelist. She has since published more than 50 novels, selling more than 25m books worldwide. She became Hilary Nathan, and eventually moved to a small village in south-east England.

After retiring, she gave riding lessons at her home. When her identity and location were revealed in the press in , Pauline, then 59, quickly sold her property and disappeared.

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She left behind an elaborate mural on the wall of her bedroom, which the buyers believed she had painted herself — a collection of scenes that are part fairytale illustration, part religious allegory. Near the bottom, there is an image of a girl with dark, wavy hair like her own diving underwater to grasp an icon of the Virgin Mary; elsewhere, the same girl — as a winged angel, naked and ragged — is locked in a birdcage. And the blonde appears again, on horseback, seemingly about to take flight, as the Pauline figure tries to bridle the animal.

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On display in these images is both the narcissism of adolescence and the remorse of adulthood — the penance of a woman who has resolved to receive the sacrament every single day. The occult language of nature — those late nights in the garden, those dark plans in the woods — had nothing left to give her.

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It had lost its pagan power. A powerful narcissism was also in full view during the interrogation of Anissa Weier. Set to sinister music that sounds like the score from Insidious or Hereditary , the trailer is doomy, gloomy, and dim. Orion Pictures wants audiences to follow the crumbs in this adaptation, describing it this way:.

From visionary director Oz Perkins comes a terrifying new twist on a classic tale. A long time ago in a distant fairy-tale countryside, a young girl leads her little brother into a dark wood in desperate search of food and work, only to stumble upon a nexus of terrifying evil. He returned to the hotel later that night, exhausted and eager to get back to his room, but he saw the door again. Something bright red seemed to have been put in front of the keyhole. He went on his way to bed.

The next morning he asked the hotel employee checking him out about the room.

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The lady said, 'Oh, last time someone stayed in that room, it was a bride waiting for her wedding to start. Her groom never showed up, and she suddenly passed away in that very room the next night. Nobody has touched it since. She had long white hair and bright red eyes. He said that if a regular bat bit you and drew blood, then it would become a vampire bat. Then, because it had tasted your blood before, it would track you down and suck you dry.

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She ran to me and told me to stop. She looked panicked. I asked why and she said there was a cult that drove around at night looking for lights to go on and off in a house , and those were the houses they chose. They waited until everyone was asleep and killed whoever was in the room where the lights went on and off. To this day, I get freaked out if lights go on and off several times. It was about this boy whose family sent him to the store to buy some liver, but instead he took the money to buy candy and stole a liver from a dead man. His family went to the movies but he stayed home.

Legend had it that she would walk up to children and ask if she looked beautiful. If the child said yes, she would cut the kid's mouth to look like hers , claiming that if she looked beautiful, the kid could too. However, if the kid said no, then she would still cut their mouth, saying if she looked ugly then the kid could too. To this day it still terrifies me.