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With more than 65 years of operations, this dividend stock has gained recognition as one of the trusted national brands. A large footprint of conveniently located stores across the U. The home improvement industry is also poised to grow as consumer confidence remains high, employment continues rising and home prices climb higher.

This should lead to better growth prospects for the company and its dividend. Honeywell International NYSE: HON is a diversified global technology and manufacturing company supplying industrial products, software and services to a diversified set of customers. Honeywell operates through four segments: aerospace; home and building technologies; performance materials and technologies and safety and productivity solutions.

The company serves customers through a wide variety of products and services in aerospace, control, sensing and security. It also sells specialty chemicals and advanced materials as well as energy efficiency products. With a broad portfolio of physical products and software, the company has uniquely positioned itself to sell comprehensive solutions for homes and businesses across many industries. Honeywell has paid uninterrupted dividends for more than two decades.

Dividend Yield: 1. These products are globally recognized for their high quality, premium brand and ease-of-use, allowing Apple to enjoy substantial pricing power. Moreover, only Apple devices run iOS, which means that if customers want to remain within the Apple ecosystem, they must continue buying iOS devices.

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This results in sticky customer relationships. Its sales of games, music and other digital content through the iTunes store is another high-margin cash flow stream that keeps growing every year. It owns a portfolio of medical products, therapies and procedures for a wide range of medical disciplines. The U. With nearly seven decades of existence, Medtronic has developed a strong reputation globally and claims to improve the lives of two people every second.

As a leader in medical technology and solutions, Medtronic stands to benefit from growing healthcare needs as the global population ages. The business also benefits from meaningful barriers to entry created by various regulations from the U. Food and Drug Administration and other government agencies.

It develops analog integrated circuits and embedded processors that are subsequently sold to electronics manufacturers.

Passive Income Dividends: Pay Your Bills with Monthly Dividend Cash

Leading industry products, a diverse portfolio, unique technologies and manufacturing scale and a strong reputation enable Texas Instruments to generate stable and recurring cash flows. As a result, Texas Instruments has paid uninterrupted dividends since and it has recorded an impressive annual dividend growth rate of approximately Given its predictable cash flow generation, impressive dividend track record and reasonable payout ratio,, the company should be able to continue rewarding shareholders with double-digit dividend growth in the years ahead.


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Dividend Yield: 0. Costco sells a wide range of products, including packaged foods, groceries, appliances, cleaning supplies, clothing and electronics. Over its 35 years of existence, Costco has succeeded in providing a great customer experience by blending together the convenience of specialty departments and a selection of wide merchandise at affordable prices.

It has become a trusted name owing to its low cost and quality merchandise. The company buys directly from many producers of national brand-name merchandise and sends products directly to its warehouses, eliminating multi-step distribution costs. High sales volumes, rapid inventory turnover, efficient distribution and self-service warehouse facilities also ensure high operational efficiency. Costco could, therefore, continue its solid pace of dividend growth. The company was formed in as a unit of American Radio Systems and it was spun off in when that company merged with CBS Corporation.

American Tower reports its results in five segments U. We can get all of our stock related information pushed to us instantly. Is dividend growth investing a side hustle?

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You betcha. This is why finding high-quality dividend growth investment opportunities is the holy grail of financial freedom.

Dividend Investing 101 : Create Long Term Income From Dividends

My goal is to live off dividends forever. To help, we built a dividend calculator to help visualize how long it will take to achieve financial goals from dividends. The trajectory of dividend income and portfolio value is truly amazing. A sound dividend investment strategy can help you achieve outstanding income AND portfolio value. Okay, now you know how to find dividend growth stocks. What do you need to do next in a dividend investment strategy? The only way the dividend investment strategy will work and work effectively is to continue to invest your money on a bi-weekly, weekly or even hourly basis!

The more often you recycle your dividend income back into your portfolio the better. Well, stocks go down by fractions each and every day. By reinvesting income back into your portfolio, you are fully optimal on capturing compound interest because all of those small dips in the stock price add up to significant value over time. The key here is dividend growth. This is really where compound interest takes form. If you invest in a stock that increases the dividend over time, you literally increase your dividend income without doing anything.

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Now, imagine when you keep increasing your contributions. This leads to an increase in dividend income. At the same time, your prior investments are increasing their dividend payouts … The vicious cycle continues over time. With index investing, you only receive your dividends or distributions quarterly at most. With a broad portfolio of dividend stocks in your dividend investment strategy, you are constantly receiving dividends and recycling that income back into your portfolio.

Think of it like compound interest snowball. How can you accelerate your dividend investing? There is no doubt that increasing your income is the key to success. You need to balance out a routine habit of budgeting and saving first. You should never increase your expenses in light of an increasing income.

Hold your budget and savings habits constant. Thereafter, focus on doing whatever it takes for your income to go parabolic. You can use a number of different side hustles to increase your income now and start your dividend growth investment opportunity. Side hustle profit should always be recycled into your investments. I sleep well at night knowing that my side hustle income is being put to work. I was hooked.

The 5 Best Investment Strategies In A Volatile Market

I love the concept of learning from others, teaching others and refining my craft. Focus on continuously improving. If you put in the work, you will reap massive benefits. At your day job, you are likely using a set of amazing skills. Do you know that someone will likely pay you more for your set of skills than what your employer pays you today? You will be amazed at the results. A side hustle can actually be anything you want it to be. You can flip items for profit. Or, you can sell your skills as a service. Whatever you do, go out and paint your own canvas. Using the four steps above, you should take that in stride to put your money to work as you continually increase your income.

Dividend investing is not for everyone. I want to be a part owner of a business. I appreciate that businesses in certain industries grow over time. With the right management team, successful companies grow over a long period of time.