Guide Eating Gods Way: Gods Instruction for Spiritual and Physical Health

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Thx again and God bless. The fifth reason…on your journey, there will be others who will be looking to you. To encourage, inspire, challenge, and help. It is written that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Be a living example of Jesus, for it is Him that gives us that blessed Victory bringing honor and glory to God.

Enjoy the greatest journey that the human heart has ever known. The 5th reason is because God wants us to be bold and confident in our appearance and how we feel about ourselves. God gave us everything we need in his creation to be well and healthy. We need to have respect for what God created for us to eat. Then we can be blessed with the health he meant for us to have.

Bible Verses about Health

Phili I think a good 5th reason is that staying fit, eating healthy, teaches the person discipline. This discipline translates into other areas of life, like your spiritual life. My sister — 1 Corinthians only goes to chapter Thank you for this…. A healthy body creates a healthy mind….

3 John 1:2

Blessings and health to all. This post is very inspirational. It brought tears to my eyes as I have recently taken my relationship with God to a higher level. I want to improve my health and eating to reflect my gratitude for all that he has given me and love I am shown daily by the Lord.

Thank you so much for the encouragement. Hello Rachael. Our bodies are indeed a gift from God. And Jesus did pay a high price for our freedom from sin and the eternal life we receive by accepting him as our Savior. May the Holy Spirit empower you to make your desired health changes. Thank you for sharing.

It seems that He was pleased with how He had made us, and we would be wise to be faithful in caring for what He has given. This is a great read.

Our Source of Power

My sister and I are actually getting prepared to start a personal training company dedicated to help others spiritually and physically be prepared for the things God has designed for us as Christians to go through. Our bodies are temples of God and we do not belong to ourselves. For example, if we were to allow a friend to borrow something we greatly valued we would expect them to return in good condition. We would be hurt and disappointed if they gave it back destroyed.

Therefore our bodies belong to God. When the Old Testament saints came and offered a sacrifice to God, they had no absolute assurance that God was going to grant their request. On the contrary, the tension of not knowing if your sacrifice was acceptable actually engendered humility, which is something He requires when He gives grace. The difference in attitude is subtle, but is the difference between biblical faith and arrogant presumption. God desires mercy, not sacrifice Hosea The Israelites were approaching Him with the attitude that they merely had to comply with the outward, sacrificial requirements of the Law.

They wrongly focused on the sacrifice and not on the heart, that is, the relationship that God desired to have with them in their coming to Him as He prescribed. Our God is not a vending machine, nor is He one merely transacting business with us. Our Father desires an intimate relationship with each of His children. He gives to us in order to bless us and to engender joy, thanksgiving, and more trust in return on our part.

You could certainly see your enthusiasm within the work you write. Always go after your heart. Thanks for the article on healing. I am one of the confused , and wanting to know how to think biblically about healing. Was their healing in the cross? That us in the blood? Is that a basis for faith, to claim the blood for physical healing? I wonder how many physical ailments are healed as a result of salvation, sanctification….? I still have questions, and need to re read this helpful article. Thanks , Jim. I think this is one of the few, of God explanations of why we fail in our walk with God.

Most approach God with the attitude that He still owes us something even after He sent His son to die for us so we can live. He does want us to live and live abundantly and in health but be sure you come humble before the throne. An attitude of reverance and worship thanking Him for sending His son our messiah to give us the gift of external life with Him, the gift of healing while on this earth and for being merciful enough to help our unbelief when times are hard. I believe this will get results. Thank you so much for this beautiful article!

I love how you just made sense of everything!

God is good!!! Thank you for breaking it down so it is understandable, just wish I knew how to explain it to non believers without pushing it on them and please I am asking for a healing prayer of God grace for my sister with possible fatal issues Thank you and she does believe in God Jesus and the Holy Spirit and so do I. Some people also claim that using essential oils is a gift from God to help generate healing. Do you think there is a scriptural basis for this? God, as the Creator, made all that we see including plants etc.

Essential oils are part of His creation, so in that sense they are a gift from God. Thank you for rightfully dividing the truth and that truth has set me free from fear. Your email address will not be published. May 23, at am. Jim says:.

Bible Verses on Food and Fitness - Soul Shepherding

July 19, at pm. August 3, at pm.

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Jordyn says:. September 9, at am. It is important not to allow money to become the center of one's life.

Bible Verses on Food and Fitness

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