PDF Fitness Marketing: A Guide to Marketing Your Fitness Business

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Use fitness blogging on your own blog or simply practice this on social media. Using images on your social media platforms is a sure way to attract more attention from your followers.

Fitness Marketing: 11 Strategies on How to Market Your Gym

Luckily, Placeit has tons of social media templates you can use to make your images quickly and effectively. To get your social media images just right, check out this guide on social media image sizes. Creating promos or special offers is a great way to grow your business as these have 2 major functions in the marketing campaign for your fitness brand or gym:. Designing a flyer to spread the word on your business, its services and advantages over the competition is a great way to stand out.

You can also use flyers to share promos or events on social media or even to print them out. You can customize one of the fitness templates to get your own design, no photoshop needed! Your customers already know you, but what about new customers? You will want to create beautiful business cards your existing users can hand out to friends and acquaintances to share details on your business, its contact information, address, and other details.

When designing your business card, keep in mind that it will make the first impression on your potential clients. You can post on social media, send them emails, put up posters in your club or, as mentioned above, have a module in your mobile app. The second most important aspect is to ensure that claiming ownership of a referral for your members is easy enough. This is why I would suggest doing it digitally with your app so that when a prospect or lead uses a guest pass, the referral number can be tied to your existing member.

Then you can reward your member and the prospect if they become a new client with whatever it is you chose to incentivize them with. Club referral programs should be a universal aspect to any fitness marketing campaign for clubs. Gyms typically respond to this fitness related new year resolutions with massive membership discounts for people who sign up within a given amount of time after the new year begins.

FBA The 5 Pillars Of Fitness Business Marketing

The problem with the last two is that they are difficult to measure, so ensure that your front desk person or sales representatives are asking new leads how they specifically heard about the promotion. However, billboards and print advertising can be especially helpful in cities with a lot of fitness clubs as there is less space on digital channels for every club to stand out. Affiliate marketing is when you set up a process for people outside of your club to refer other people who might be interested in a gym membership to join your gym.

If you have a client portal set up, you can take payments for new memberships while you sleep. Even in the most remote locations there are a few different businesses that can refer their clients to your club such as:. For personal trainers, you can offer them a place to train their clients commission free as long the members have an active membership there.

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Then the clients will associate their trainers with your club, which helps you retain them for longer periods. You may think that gym newsletters are only for existing clients. Your churned members may have canceled their membership, but most often they still stay subscribed to your emails which means you can still reach them with club updates, promotions and fitness advice.

This kind of acknowledgement rewards those members that have worked so hard to reach their goals while also encourages churned members to get back into the gym. Everybody wins! In fitness remarketing, you have a much lower rate of finding out if someone was converted because of your remarketing ads because they will more often than not come into your facility to sign-up. You can create remarketing ads for people who visited your pricing page with content that offers a promotion only redeemable online. Then they can reap the benefits of a discounted membership and you can measure the success of these campaigns more easily.

From there you can track which pages they visit so you better understand their intentions and display ads to them based on what pages they viewed. For example, lets say you set up Facebook Pixel. Then you can link to your sign-up page so they can register. Again, remember to use utms tags when performing remarketing campaigns so you can measure your success when people click on your gym's ad. With all the success, goodwill and healthy lifestyle your club is helping members to enjoy, you should celebrate!

Host a social event at your club or at another venue and tell your members to invite their friends. Whatever the occasion is, a healthy mind and body are always a cause for celebration! It just so happens that you can make some new friends and potentially some new clients from it. Market your gym as a place for transformation, community and positive change and your members will be your strongest marketers. Fitness marketing strategies are as numerous as they are nuanced. You can choose to do a few different ones or all, but the most important thing to remember is to always measure the success of each campaign in your club management software.

Very often fitness clubs will market to anyone and everyone without taking the time to see how each campaign impacts their budget positively or negatively. Entering the Colombian fitness market, Fitness 24 Seven gym set out to give their new members personalized and convenient experiences. Learn more about how they achieved it. Depending on your business model, there are many ways you can try to boost your membership sales. How you present your pricing will also influence sales. One technique for improving perceived value is to use the anchoring pricing strategy. Positioning is closely tied to pricing.

If you want to charge premium prices, then your positioning needs to reflect and justify this. The first step is to think about what separates you from your competitors? How can you stand out in a crowded fitness industry?

Fitness Marketing: A Guide to Marketing Your Fitness Business

What makes you or your product different? Then build your positioning around this. We sometimes find it useful to use the following framework…. Positioning statements like these are usually used internally. They provide a high-level summary of your offering without going into detail. From here you can develop more specific talking points…. Your messaging should also communicate the benefits and not just the features.

Fitness Marketing – Why A Different Approach Is Needed

Talk about why these features matter, why should people care? Think back to what your ideal client values , and try to make the link.

It could be losing weight and toning up. When it comes to promoting your gym or PT business, there are a huge number of fitness marketing ideas to choose from.

Proven Fitness Marketing Strategies for Your Studio

Here are 10 fitness marketing channels, tactics, and ideas to get you started…. Our entire blog is dedicated to fitness marketing, so take a look for more ideas on social media , advertising , and blogging. This enables you to decide which areas to double down on, and which to stop altogether. In order to track your success, you first need to have a measurable goal.

Most online platforms have built-in analytics or allow you to easily run reports. If you begin with the end in mind , then you can ensure that you have the right tools in place from the start. These could be promo codes, call tracking numbers, or good old-fashioned feedback forms. Want to learn more about promoting your fitness business?