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Orwell not only wrote about the war but during the war even took up arms to fight for his ideas and beliefs. The main character of the novel, Gordon Comstock, is a person who is damaged by various conflicts. The story follows Comstock as he quits his regular job and lives in a remote flat. Comstock refuses to accept the value of money and decides to write a book.

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His wife challenges his beliefs and his way living. Orwell wrote this book before he became popular on a global scale. The book is a memoir of his times as a struggling writer and records his struggles. This work belongs to the George Orwell popular novels category. The work is based on the issues such as social injustice, dangerous coal mining conditions, closely structured slum areas and many other problems.

The bitter polemic tone in the book has not lost its touch over the years. It contains his thoughts and many incidences from the time of serving as a policeman in Burma. The book does not stop to sugarcoat the corruption and poverty of the British colonies. He writes with sheer fury towards the British imperial government. The book follows the lead character, who is an insurance salesman, and his troubles. With the world war just in the corner, and his house mortgaged, the lead finds himself in a bind. Food is low, and his desire to escape his mundane life is higher than before.

He decides to run off to his village, but little did he know trouble awaited him there too! A compilation of his essays about politicians, social issues and much more.

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The book, as the title, suggests, about why George Orwell chose to write. The book is a collection of his political writings and on other aspects which he felt strongly about. The work is in simple and understandable English and stands on a different note than other English literary essays by other writers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Prev Article Next Article. Buy Now. The brilliant political fable, which was inspired by the events of Russian Revolution, will take you through how an innocent dream can turn people into oppressors. Don't Read it For: The story is quite monotonous, and the flow of things is slow, which might make you lose interest.

What makes this book stand out? This work is pure genius.

King George III (Documentary)

Read it For: The message of the story is terrific. Orwell has made good use of his skills well to make his views clear. Don't Read it For: Some might feel uneasy while reading the book, his writing style is monotonous and may give a dark feeling. His thoughts were ahead of his time, and this novel depicts that beautifully. Read it For: Orwell beautifully describes the environment and the atmosphere during the time of Spanish Civil War.

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Don't Read it For: The book contains some chapters which are strictly about the government and the political parties, which becomes tiring and annoying. The book represents the political views which were hard to understand in his time. Read it For: This is one of the George Orwell best sellers. The story is about a man who tries to break away from the materialistic world.

Sir Walter Scott

Don't Read it For: Like most of his works, the story is a bit on the sad side. This book goes to show his brilliant ideas more than any other works. Financial woes Beginning in he went into dire financial straits again, as his company nearly collapsed. That he was the author of his novels became general knowledge at this time as well. Rather than declare bankruptcy he placed his home, Abbotsford House, and income into a trust belonging to his creditors, and proceeded to write his way out of debt. He kept up his prodigious output of fiction as well as producing a non-fiction biography of Napoleon Bonaparte until By then his health was failing, and he died at Abbotsford in Though not in the clear by then, his novels continued to sell, and he made good his debts from beyond the grave.

He was buried in Dryburgh Abbey where nearby, fittingly, a large statue can be found of William Wallace- one of Scotland's most romantic historical figures. Assessment From being one of the most popular novelists of the 19th century, Scott suffered from a disastrous decline in popularity after the First World War. The tone was set early on in E. Forster's classic "Aspects of the Novel" , where Scott was savaged as being a clumsy writer who wrote slapdash, badly plotted novels. Scott also suffered from the rising star of Jane Austen. Considered merely an entertaining "woman's novelist" in the 19th century, in the 20th Austen began to be seen as perhaps the major English novelist of the first few decades of the 19th century.

As Austen's star rose, Scott's sank, although, ironically, he had been one of the few male writers of his time to recognize Austen's genius. Scott's many flaws ponderousness, prolixity, lack of humor were fundamentally out of step with Modernist sensibilities. Nevertheless, Scott was responsible for two major trends that carry on to this day. First, he essentially invented the modern historical novel; an enormous number of imitators and imitators of imitators would appear in the 19th century. It is a measure of Scott's influence that Edinburgh's central railway station, opened in for the North British Railway, is called the Waverley Station.

Second, his Scottish novels followed on from James Macpherson's Ossian cycle in rehabilitating the public perception of Highland culture after years in the shadows following southern distrust of hill bandits and the Jacobite rebellions. As enthusiastic chairman of the Celtic Society of Edinburgh he contributed to the reinvention of Scottish culture. It is worth noting, however, that Scott was a Lowland Scot, and that his re-creations of the Highlands were more than a little fanciful.

His organisation of the visit of King George IV to Scotland in was a pivotal event, leading Edinburgh tailors to invent many "clan tartans" out of whole cloth, so to speak. After being essentially unstudied for many decades, a small revival of interest in Scott's work began in the s and s.

Ironically, postmodern tastes which favoured discontinuous narratives, and the introduction of the 'first person' into works of fiction were more favourable to Scott's work than Modernist tastes.

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Despite all the flaws, Scott is now seen as an important innovator, and a key figure in the development of Scottish and world literature. Scott was also responsible, through a series of pseudonymous letters published in the Edinburgh Weekly News in , for retaining the right of Scottish banks to issue their own banknotes, which is reflected to this day by his continued appearance on the front of all notes issued by the Bank of Scotland. Many of his works were illustrated by his friend, William Allan. What makes Biblio different? Facebook Instagram Twitter. Sign In Register Help Cart.

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