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When you find an ore, be sure to check if it can be used in that way! It's the difference between crafting a masterpiece, and being eaten alive by sentient radishes. Making a shelter is pretty handy, too. The nights are dark and full of terrors, and also things that don't LOOK terrifying but really are. Be sure to build a base with a campfire, even if it looks like a mud hut. You'll thank us when the monsters are clawing at your door, and you're inside, safe, and not freezing to death.

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Don't forget to upgrade! You might THINK you look the bomb swinging a mouldy stick and wearing your basic rags, but your foes won't think the same. They'll think you look silly, and then eat you. Craft better weapons, armour and clothing before taking on more dangerous beasts. Stock up on bandages. They're easy to make, and they'll get you out of a tight spot. It's not always possible to sleep and recuperate, so a good supply of bandages can be a life-saver. Everyone knows bandages can heal every type of injury, so there's no excuse to be unprepared.

Even if they look cute, they'll kill you as soon as you turn your back. All birds.

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Not Avians, of course. Milosz, the Polish poet who died not long ago at Fontaine- bleau. Nor have I yet received a good book on the Children's Crusades. And now a word about the man to whom this book is dedicated — Lawrence Clark Powell. It was on one of his visits to Big Sur that this individual, who knows more about books than any one I have ever had the good fortune to meet, suggested that I write for him if for no one else a short book about my experience with books.

Some months later the germ, which had always been dormant, took hold. After writing about fifty pages I knew that I could never rest content with a summary account of the subject.

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Powell knew it too, no doubt, but he was cunning or discreet enough to keep it to himself. I owe Larry Powell a great deal. Certainly no librarian could be more zealous than he in making books a vital part of our life, which they are not at present. Nor could any librarian have given me greater direct aid than he. Not a single question have I put to him which he has not answered fully and scrupulously.

No request of any sort, in fact, has he ever turned down. Should this book prove to be a failure it will not be his feult.

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Here I must add a few words about other individuals who extended their aid in one way or another. First and foremost, Dante T.

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Zaccagnini of Port Chester, New York. You, Dante, whom I have never met, how can I express to you my deep gratitude for all the arduous labors you performed — and voluntarily!

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  • All done with discretion, tact, humility and devotion. Words fail me. It should be undentood that when I began this task there were, I felt, several hundred books which I needed to borrow or to own. My only recourse, not having the money to buy them, was to make up a list of titles and disseminate it among my friends and acquaintances — and, among my readers.

    The men and women whose names I have given at the close of this volume suppHed me with my wants. Many of these were simply readers whom I got to know through correspondence. The " friends " who could most afford to send me the books I so sorely needed, and whom I counted upon, failed to come through. An experience of this sort is always illuminating. The friends who fail you are always replaced by new ones who appear at the critical moment and from the most unexpected quarten.

    One of the few rewards an author obtains for his labors is the conversion of a reader into a warm, personal friend. One of the rare deHghts he experiences is to receive exactly the gift he was waiting for from an unknown reader. Every sincere writer has, I take it, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of such unknown friends among his readers.

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    My case is somewhat different. I have need of every one. I am a borrower and a lender. I make use of any and all who volunteer their aid. I would be ashamed not to accept these gracious over- tures. The latest one was from a student at Yale, Donald A. In filing a letter of mine to Professor Henri Peyre of the French Department there, a letter in which I had made an appeal for clerical help, this young man read my letter and spontaneously offered his services. A grand gesture! Sehr Schon! A case in point is the fortuitous emergence of John Kidis of Sacramento.

    A request for a signed photograph led to a brief interchange of letters followed by a visit and a shower of gifts. John Kidis originally Mestakidis is a Greek, whidi explains mudi. But it doesn't explain everything.

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    I dont know which I appreciate the more, the armfiils of books some of them very difficult to find which he dumped on my desk or the never-ceasing flow of gifts, viz. How is one to account for such generosity? How ever repay it? It goes without saying, I trust, that I shall welcome from the readers of tliis book any and all indications of error, omission, falsification or misjudgment. I am well aware that this book, because it is " about books," will go to many who have never read me before, I hope that they will spread the good word, not abotn 19 PREFACE this book, but about the books they love.

    Our world is rapidly drawing to a close ; a new one is about to open. If it is to flourish it will have to rest on deeds as well as faith. The word will have to become flesh.

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    There are few among us today who are able to view the immediate future with anything but fear and apprehension. If there is one book among all those I have recendy read which I might signal as con- taining words of comfort, peace, inspiration and sublimity, it is Henry Adams' Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartrfs.

    Particularly the chapters dealing with Chartres and the cult of the Virgin Mary. She is there as Queen, not merely as intercessor, and her power is such that to her the difierence between us earthly beings is nothing. Pierre Mauclerc and PhiHppe Hurepel and their men-at-arms are afraid of her, and the Bishop himself is never quite at his ease in her presence ; but to peasants, and beggars, and people in trouble, this sense of her power and caJm is better than active sympathy. They want to see God, and to know that He is watching over His own.

    There are writers, such as this man, who enrich us — and others who impoverish us. However it be, there is all the while a more important thing going on. All the while, whether we enrich or impoverish, we who write, we authors, we men of letters, we scribblers, are being supported, protected, maintained, enriched and endowed by a vast horde of unknown individuals — the men and women who watch and pray, so to speak, that we reveal the truth which is in us.

    How vast this multitude is no man knows.