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Method : Mix all the ingredients together and apply all over the hair and scalp and leave in for about 45 minutes. Wash with a mild shampoo. If you are among those who don't have the time for carrying out elaborate hair care regimes, why not make some natural hair rinses to use after shampooing and conditioning?

Here's how -. Take ml distilled water or spring water and add 2 tsp honey. Use this as an after shampoo rinse. You can also boil 10 Marigold flowers in 1 litre of water.

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Let this steep for 1 hour and add 1 tsp olive oil. Strain and use as an after shampoo rinse for your hair.

13 Natural Hair Treatments You Can Make Right at Home

Not only will your hair feel softer but more manageable as well. Flower and fruit extracts have always had a special place in my treasure trove of beauty recipes, both for the skin and hair. This recipe is a real treat. I use it regularly and also have shared it with some of my Bollywood clients whose hair goes through a lot of turmoil and stress with the constant drying and hairstyling.

11 Useful Tips For Caring For Your Aging Hair · One Good Thing by Jillee

Method : Mix all the ingredients well and apply on your hair. Leave in for 1 hour with a shower cap and then steam your hair. Join the Challenge. I need sponsor post on your site.

But when I tried this, my hair was extremely soft after first use. Recipe Rating.

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Ingredients 2 tablespoons natural yogurt 1 tablespoon honey. Instructions Combine all of the ingredients together. Give your scalp a good massage - you want the mask to cover your scalp. Wash as normal, but really well! If you use conditioner, just a small amount on the ends will do. Do this treatment once a week to restore and maintain your hair. She loves spending time with her kids and loves gardening, projects and chickens.

If you rely solely upon this advice you do so at your own risk. It works great, is moisturizing, and simple to make! Fall is definitely my favorite season for DIY projects! These five, Autumn-inspired DIY projects are the perfect way to welcome in this great time of year.

A DIY hair oil treatment is very simple to make yourself. You can use castor, coconut, or argan oil, and essential oils to condition and treat hair at home. These are great I have tried most if them. Not found of the olive oil and honey, they both make my hair feel sticky and hard to get.

Ingredient Spotlight – Yogurt and Honey Hair Mask

Warm or hot will give you scramble eggs on your head. It happened to me. If you choose to forgo wash your hair everyday, at least stimulate the scalp. It signals the scalp to produce natural oils. Quite the opposite!

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I think the key here is balance. Regarding coconut oil stains: a soak in water mixed heavily with dish soap will lift and remove the stain. I have heard that Rosemary oil is also a good hair treatment. Has anyone here used it? What did you think?

9 Easy Home Remedies For Healthy Hair

I did the Baking soda and water hair shampoo and in my conditioner I put apple cider vinegar water and rosemary oils for my hair since it is fine and gets greasy quick, The rosemary helping my hair stay clean longer. Thank you for the follow up. After using coconut oil, or honey and olive oil, I can not get all the oil out of my hair and my hair is very heavy for 2 weeks. I had to use it 3 times before the heaviness left my hair.

Any suggestions for getting the oil out after the masking? It did improve with a follow-up wash the next day but was still quite clumpy. Just rinse ur hair with a tspn of baking soda diluted in water before shampoo..