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I really liked that insight. What I Liked: Leaping Hearts is a very traditional contemporary category type romance and it comes across that way. I liked the insight into the horse riding world that she gave. Ward spends a good amount of time talking about the horse and the horse world.

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There were things brought up, then just kind of dropped. What made me smile: Leaping Hearts is far from the world of the more well-known Ward Black Dagger world. This may be an earlier work but that style is already coming through. He was a crotchety cowboy or sometimes Irish. I struggled in the beginning to tell who was speaking, almost as if she was reading too fast but that went away by the end of the first disk. Overall I enjoyed her reading of the story. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Too bad the characters are shallow. I loved the BDB vampires and have looked at her other books, but still need more time to think if is worth it. I heard they are really good and I liked your review, plus the cover is Top Off Tuesday approved. Hi Mindy!

Thanks for the guest review. I am not a Xhex fan and that almost ruined the series for me BDB. I think I need to give this one a try:. I like her Angel series but that is technically connected to the BDB world. In every move he made, there was a promise of strength and agility that was both athletic and poetic.

And, behind his disdain, she sensed a fierce intelligence and an iron will. At the head of the crush of people, she made up her mind.

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And she was going to have him. Somewhere in the crowd another hand was raised. A ripple of speculation went through the arena. Many had come to get a look at him up close; few had come with the idea of buying. Everyone wanted to know who was going to take him. The other bidder countered at thirteen and she immediately raised the price to fourteen. She inclined her head without hesitation. The two did a cramped box step, trading places. Her focus was on the other bidder. There was a long pause and then the price was raised again. Without blinking, she tacked on another thousand.

Turning toward the auctioneer, he started shaking his head and drawing his hand across his neck to dispute her authority. When the bid came back, A. The audience gasped in surprise and the auctioneer looked amazed at his good fortune. And her recklessness.

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It was a valid bid and everyone knew it. Rebuffed, Peter curled his fists in frustration and then tried a different tactic, assuming an air of haughty scorn. He straightened his cashmere jacket with a curt tug at the cuffs.

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The tan color was played off by his silk pants and cream turtleneck but did little for his pale complexion. He was a study in bland tones. The only bright spike in the outfit was a jaunty red handkerchief in his breast pocket. It looked like a pimiento that had fallen into a bowl of oatmeal. Scruffy but clean blue jeans, a polo shirt and barn jacket, leather boots. She had on a Sutherland Stables baseball cap, which was controlling the top half of her mane of auburn curls.

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The bottom half was reeled in by a tie at the base of her neck. Practical, comfortable. It was a promise A. When are you going to grow up and stop behaving so rashly?