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Some of this froth is so light—because of the many gas bubbles—that it floats on water. In many eruptions, the froth is shattered explosively into small fragments that are hurled high into the air in the form of volcanic cinders red or black , volcanic ash commonly tan or gray , and volcanic dust. What's happening in there? The baking soda is reacting with the vinegar to produce carbon dioxide gas.

The gas builds up enough pressure to force the foaming liquid out of the top of the bottle. Eclipses of the Sun and Moon, - Join the Planet Protectors Club!

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Learn more about Premium. Manage My Favorites. Objectives Students will learn about volcanoes. Students will learn about chemical reactions. Materials Baking pan Soda bottle Moist soil Tablespoon baking soda Cup of vinegar Red food coloring Space where you can make a mess Background Information The Nature of Volcanoes Volcanoes are built by the accumulation of their own eruptive products—lava, bombs crusted over ash flows , and tephra airborne ash and dust.

Procedure Start with an explanation of volcanoes using the background information. Place the baking pan on the ground, and set the soda bottle in the middle of the pan. Mound and shape the moist soil around the bottle to form a mountain. Bring the soil right up to the top of the bottle's opening, but don't get the soil inside the bottle. Pour one tablespoon of baking soda into the bottle.

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Color one cup of vinegar with red food coloring. Pour the colored vinegar into the bottle. Stand back and watch red foam spray out of the top and down the mountain like lava from a volcano. Build a volcano using common kitchen supplies. This fun science activity is perfect for National Chemistry Week October. Science 4, Earth Day Lesson Plans 1, At the same time, it is able to comply with the strict GMP criteria reliably and in full. The upshot of the successful maintenance partnership is a more than 30 percent reduction in the annual maintenance budget from CHF 12 million to less than CHF 8 million.

It was precisely this requirement that Bilfinger addressed with its three-step service package. The industrial services company organizes maintenance, engineering and safety services. From the outset, the prime goal was to pool as much expertise on the site as possible to execute all work on the plant systems directly and without the involvement of third parties. Moreover, Siegfried requested a clear allocation of tasks and responsibilities to ensure that the maintenance team not only coordinated the necessary activities but also assumed responsibility for them.

Many production companies use external service providers even for minor repairs. Instead of this, Siegfried sought single-source maintenance so that the service partner was able to gain an extensive working knowledge of the plant. Well-oiled process management and transparent costs As the provider of maintenance services, Bilfinger responds to any disruptions by sending out an expert within a maximum of 60 minutes to analyze and solve the problem.

This allows considerable savings potential to be tapped as it does away with the previously usual duplicate costs.

Normally, the Bilfinger maintenance experts are called in by a standardized electronic reporting system that is embedded in an e-business system based on the SAP PM module. This generates, manages and invoices all maintenance, repair, inspection and also improvement jobs. In this way, it is possible to instantaneously see at any time when scheduled maintenance is due and the costs caused by each individual plant.

This approach gives Siegfried AG optimum cost transparency as well as maximum control over plant productivity without any need to install and operate its own frequently very costly maintenance software.

Full traceability in accordance with GMP standards One particular challenge is the documentation of all production processes and plant parameters in accordance with the applicable GMP guidelines. This particularly entails the calibration of all measuring points. This IT-based calibration database has replaced the Excel lists that Siegfried had been using for a long time, thus doing away with a largely opaque and frequently error-prone process. Via software validation and with the support of two Bilfinger GMP officers, it is now also possible to document all the measuring points within the company in accordance with the current GMP requirements and to record the data in full and on a traceable basis.

In addition, it has been possible to optimize the calibration schedule to achieve considerable time savings compared with earlier processes. By working with Bilfinger, Siegfried AG has been able to revise antiquated processes and, hence, lower its costs. One example is a new lapping machine for inspecting safety valves more quickly and reliably. This has replaced the previously noncentralized system. The problem was that efforts to acquire the new pumps were very timeconsuming and expensive.

In addition, Bilfinger is training Siegfried employees who are assigned to the plant fire brigade or operate lifting equipment such as forklift trucks. They are taught in special sessions how to react calmly and competently in emergency situations. In this way, we have been able to secure enormous savings. This is one of the main reasons why we renewed our partnership by a further seven years back in and are planning to continue working together in the future.

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It describes more than 30 maintenance methods and tools in 16 modules. The concept incorporates the experience gained from more than maintenance and optimization projects executed for customers. It is systematically oriented to international quality management standards. Press Release: Bilfinger the prime-choice service partner for Siegfried. We use cookies to optimize and continuously improve our website for you.