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Jennings as Tom Middleton Paul Chun Cho-jen as Paul Chinpae Tommy Lee Chien Beulah Quo You were super busy. But looking back at the day, it was filled with mundane tasks.

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Before we start this visualization, list your tasks from most to least important. Then associate these with rocks, pebbles, and sand.

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The biggest rock being the most important task. And sand being the minutiae.

The Sand Pebbles

Filling a jar with the sand first is easy. It falls right in. But what about the pebbles and rocks? The pebbles still fit but when it comes time to add the larger stones, the task becomes practically impossible.

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The jar overflows and the biggest rocks do not fit. Put In Other Words: Small, unimportant tasks are attractive.

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They are easy to complete. And are usually the most enjoyable. But can consume your day. Starting with the easier tasks may make the day more fun. But at the end of the day, your most important work is left largely untouched.

Pushed back until tomorrow. Knowing all to well, tomorrow never truly comes. Adding the biggest rocks first is hard.

You have to look at their size and figure the best plan of attack for fitting them all in. Finally, the sand can be dumped in.

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Easily, the sand slides between the rocks and pebbles. Magically, the rocks and pebbles as well as all of the sand now fits into the jar. Put In Other Words: Your most important tasks are usually the most taxing.