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The planet disappeared under his feet, along with his surroundings. His long-range scanners reported six incoming vessels. They ran silent, no communication or other signals to announce themselves. Unless a Spire ship was on the hunt, vessels never ran silent.

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It violated protocol. According to his latest hive sync, there were no reported activities in this region of space and no other ships due to arrive at Nualla for another three days. Alarmingly, the newcomers traveled at top speed and crossed in range of his long-range sensor arrays within seconds. Something was terribly wrong here. And they had no business around Nualla, which was a heavily guarded colony with two newer model battlecruisers and an advanced orbital weapons array.

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His long-range sensors continued to feed him data. Their hull designs were familiar: four Dread Hunter class battlecruisers, one lighter armored Corradin Class Destroyer, and one Sloughad scout-ship built for speed and agility.

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Together, they updated his twin brother, the Wolverine , who was in geosynchronous orbit on the opposite side of the planet. The six unknown ships slowed, but they were still heading for Nualla. Vengeance attempted to communicate with them again, but each warship ignored his demands for them to state their purpose. This is not a drill. Six enemy ships on approach. Three minutes out. I repeat. As his crew rushed to their stations, he continued to prime his weapons and cycled up his triple layered shields to full strength, although he doubted it would do much good against six of his brothers and sisters.

He tracked his crew as they made their way to assigned stations. Unfortunately, like Renee and his drone, many were still planetside. They were hopelessly outnumbered. The first evacuation alarms blared to life across the planet as the orbital weapons arrays came online. Governor Alistair, efficient as only an AI could be, was already prepping every transport on Nualla.

As Vengeance put himself between the enemy ships and Nualla, the invaders opened fire. All around them, the spaceport had erupted in chaos. The shrill wailing of the alarms mixed with the shouts and screams of frightened humans attempting to find transport off Nualla. Vengeance shook his head. An explosion at the south end of the spaceport caused the ground to tremble. Through a clear viewing portal, a tall pillar of fire, ash, and smoke reached up to the sky. More weapons fire razed the city beyond the spaceport. We need to get back to the ship, Vengeance! You make sure the girls get to safety.

Another explosion, closer this time, ravaged the spaceport.

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  • Chunks of the upper story crumbled and rained down on those below. Maintenance drudges and military sentinels poured out of the north hangar bay.

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    Their identifiers marked them as part of the planetary garrison. The garrison sentinels were attempting to intercept them so they could give the citizens time to reach the shuttles and transports. A brief image of Hayley, so spritely and mischievous as she chased him around a field with small purple and red flowers in bloom, barreled through him. Renee grabbed his arm and forced him to look at her. I think I know why the rogues targeted this planet.

    Of course the rogues had come for the telepaths. They were an irreplaceable asset all warships needed to function—even rogues needed the telepathic link that prevented an AI from tearing his own mind apart during the throes of sensory deprivation caused by transit.

    The reentry vector would put the likeliest landing site on a flat patch of field behind the school. Vengeance needed more boots on the ground if he had any hope of rescuing the girls before they were taken off the planet. When the garrison sentinels drew near, he broadcast his intention to rescue the girls at the school. The rest will follow my command until the other telepaths are safely evacuated from the planet.

    Vengeance glanced at Renee and quickly squeezed her hand. Renee had just boarded one of his transports so she could reach the warship currently engaged in battle with two determined opponents.

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    Warhawk and Wolverine , the Nuallan warships, were busy with their own battles. Vengeance was particularly concerned about Warhawk. The smaller battlecruiser had sustained substantial damage to seventy-nine percent of his hull with breaches in sixteen locations.

    His port side engine had been completely destroyed, and his shields were almost depleted. Vengeance was faring better, but his own opponents were keeping him hemmed in, unable to help Warhawk without leaving the planet and evacuation ships more vulnerable than they already were. Commander Lisk grunted in acknowledgment then shouted for more reports about what was happening on Nualla. The last enemy weapons fire had knocked out his close-range sensors so the energy webs were only displaying warnings and error reports to the crew.

    The evacuation is still underway. Twenty-three ships report that they are already accelerating away from Nualla. Commander Lisk leaned forward in his chair. The bioskin absorbed and dispersed much of the impact, but Vengeance still rocked hard to the side before thrusters matched the force.

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      Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Sentinel by Mark Oldfield. They didn't find the bodies until , 57 years after they were hastily buried in a disused mineshaft. Fourteen had died from a single bullet to the back of the skull. The fifteenth was so viciously garroted that its head was almost severed from its body.

      For Ana Maria Galindez, the forensic investigator, it was her first encounter with the work of Comandante Guzman. But They didn't find the bodies until , 57 years after they were hastily buried in a disused mineshaft. But not her last. The Sentinel is the first in an ambitious and enthralling trilogy of novels that explores the Spanish Civil War's savage legacy. Centre stage is the figure of Leopoldo Guzman, head of the Brigada Especial - Franco's secret police. Guzman is one of the more remarkable creations of modern fiction.

      A monster and an enigma who nevertheless engages the sympathy of the reader. He is also a man who vanishes from history in the winter of Until Galindez unearths his tracks.