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These are generally aimed at the unwitting and gullible, but those taking the bait here are well-intentioned hackers.

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Once contacted by phone, the scammer seeks to remotely take control of the caller's computer using remote access software. For the purposes of deception, as well as for amusement in the accompanying real-time video and audio of the computer screen and audio activity, the "victim" plays dumb as the phony tech support person goes through the nefarious motions of locking the computer's data files and completing the actions with a flourish — a scary-looking ransom note on the screen.

At this point, the "victim" will reveal himself or herself as a highly knowledgeable computer expert.

Web Of Deception

Sometimes they merely question the scammers over the phone about the moral aspects of their trade. More satisfyingly, often they will have covertly gained access to the scammer's computer network during the remote-access link-up. Turning the tables, they will torment the scammer as a cat does a mouse, or simply cut to the chase and erase the scammer's entire network. All you've got to search for is "scam baiting" videos — they make for some extremely entertaining viewing, especially if you've ever had a nasty experience with ransomware.

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Web of deception China Daily Asia Updated: Photo Gallery. China sees mln domestic tourist trips during National Day holiday. Aerial view of salt lake in Yuncheng, Shanxi. Singer-actor Kris Wu poses for magazine cover.

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The design comes from Soutra Gilmour, a busy U. Betrayal seems to have grown more engrossing since its premiere. For this viewer, at least, the original Broadway production in —starring Raul Julia, Blythe Danner, and Roy Scheider, with director Peter Hall and designer John Bury recreating their Royal National Theatre production—was altogether underwhelming and somewhat sleepy.

The plot was taken from life.

A Web of Deceit: A Neo-Gricean View on Types of Verbal Deception

Pinter, that is. Bakewell later wrote her own radio play about her seven-year affair with Pinter, Keeping in Touch. When first encountered, Betrayal did not by any means look like a future classic.

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Betrayal opened September 5, , at Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre and runs through December 8.

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