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My co-host, Kacy, and I discuss whether we believe what the men I interviewed told me about which qualities they look for in women.

The men told me 11 different qualities they like in women. Do you have the qaulities men are looking for in women? Do you think they were being honest with me?

Here is why the year is ending and you are still single

Listen to this episode to find out! My co-host, Justin, and I talk about the qualities women are looking for in men they want to date. The first half of the qualities are similar to what men were looking for in women, but some of the qualities are very different. Fellas, find out if you have what women are looking for in men. Hopefully you can learn from them and not make the same dating mistakes. I interviewed several people and talk about some of the ways I deal with breakups.

Here's why you shouldn't ask someone why they are single - Business Insider

Hopefully, these ways will help you get over your next ex or teach you ways for you to help your friends get over their breakups. My co-host and old roommate , Emily, and I talk about the best and worst ways to breakup with someone. Others were new ways people I interviewed told me about.

Corin joins me on this episode about the 6 different types of sports fans and what its like to date them.

Two Reasons Why We're Still Single

Find out what type of sports fan you are in the dating world. Episode 4: 10 Modern Dating Slang Words Listen as I interview four people including my parents to ask them what they think 10 modern dating slang words mean. Write to us at toughlove outsidemag.

2. You're Not Prioritizing Dating

I will attempt to communicate my circumstances and do not mean to sound vain or pretentious, but context is necessary to explain my situation fully, I believe. I feel that I am a person with high morals, a great amount of integrity, and very well educated. I am 25, and I comanage an international real estate brokerage firm in Southern California, pursuing my passions through a career that allows me both freedom and flexibility. I consider myself an outdoorsman and adventurer, and I am very blessed to be able to travel and take time off from my firm to thru-hike some of the most beautiful places the world has to offer.

Why Am I Single? 6 Reasons You Haven't Found A Relationship Yet, According To Experts

I yearn for the innate beauty that life has to offer, like spending time with my beloved family and friends. My question is fairly simple. I went away to boarding school when I was Is it a matter of complacency or lack of drive, or has the right person just not come along? Is it simply a matter of evaluating what my personal interests are hiking, traveling, backpacking, photography and then placing myself in the path of success by finding other people with the same interests?

I tend to overanalyze things, but I am trying to understand. It empowers me and helps me make the best decisions I can in every aspect of my life. I intake information, process and analyze it, then output decisions and move forward. And you enjoy romantic, old-fashioned gestures and you despise texting, one night stands, and casual affairs.

What are the internal challenges that keep you single?

You are not ready to do something just to satisfy the norms of society, so you would rather stay single until you find the guy who is up for the real deal. Of course, sometimes you miss having someone special in it, but you know that having a relationship would change your current life setting in one way or another, and you enjoy it too much to let it happen.

Your life is simply perfect as it is. Home Lady Speak. Lady Speak Here is why the year is ending and you are still single. By Laura Chebet 19th Dec Subcribe to Eve Digital Newsletter. Lady speak.